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In this document you will find a statement of the Spam Policy regarding users who decide to get the services of Digital Energy Technologies.
Webhosting Forest will not allow spam messages and prohibits its clients to diffuse spam messages in no way during the course of their services contract. In the course of implementation of this policy, the company will comply with the European Parliament Directive and the European Council Regulation concerning certain information services, in particular ecommerce as well as lawful characteristics of the European Parliament and Council regulations that regard the protection of data and good business practices.

What is a spam?
Webhosting Forest, in regards to this spam policy, believes that spam represent unordered or unsolicited email messages from the recipient that has got it through an email or another way whilst using the network for communication or connection purposes. The transmission of large quantities of spam messages is prohibited.

User’s obligations
While customers get the services of Webhosting Forest, it accepts to:
- Avoid sending spam messages to people who haven’t subscribed to receive such email
- Avoid providing our service to a third party that could send spam
- Put to use and support a technical way to ensure that a third party doesn’t send spam
- Use an opt-in concept for information sent through email and make suggestions for the most efficient way to reject spam.
- Avoid gathering, publishing, storing or transmitting information that can be used for spam messages.

Putting into effect the Spam policy
Sending spam messages is regarded as one of the most important infringements to this consent. If a customer doesn’t comply with his or her responsibility regarding the transmission of spam, the company has the right to suspend the services.

Third parties’ complaints
If a third party makes complains or claims to Webhosting Forest regarding the transmission of spam or infringement of the spam policy in any way, the company will have the right to demand the client to give the necessary information concerning the complaint and in the course of the investigation of the case to suspend or restrict the services.

Help us fight against spam
If you get a spam message from a customer receiving our hosting services, make sure you report the case and send us all the necessary information to solve the case.
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