Privacy Policy PDF Print E-mail is committed to protecting client data collected. Web Hosting Forest respects client's privacy and use of Web Hosting Forest services indicates agreement to Web Hosting Forest privacy policy guidelines as defined:

Web Hosting Forest will collect and record minimum required client information in order to provide competitive services. Web Hosting Forest privacy policy states the kinds of processes that may occur in different circumstances when client data will be collected. Usage of  Web Hosting Forest grants the right to collect user information.

Web Hosting Forest may record any or all information given by client according to transaction type client enters, such as date of birth, name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, website use, and other personal information needed to process request.

Web Hosting Forest will strictly use required information and data on client to process request or task made. Web Hosting Forest will enforce reasonable measures needed to prevent unauthorized access to such information. In certain cases, Web Hosting Forest may require additional forms of identity from client to safeguard such information.

Client internet browsers have in-built mechanisms to store small files or cookies that have information to help websites recognise client account. Web Hosting Forest may use such facility to increase user experience. However, user may choose to prevent user computer from accepting cookies, which may impair some of the website's functions.

Web Hosting Forest will not disclose any personal information received from client to third parties.  Web Hosting Forest may use such information to notify or inform client about developments and other  Web Hosting Forest services or offers. However, client or user will be given the option to remove self from such a mailing list or notification processes. Web Hosting Forest will not disclose information collected on website to third parties without consent and acknowledgement from client/user. Web Hosting Forest may provide general survey or data information to third parties but will withhold those that may identify individuals.

Web Hosting Forest Hosting may change its Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Reasonable steps will be made to inform clients/users. However, clients are encouraged to check for updates every time they enter the website to ensure it meets their approval. Changes will be made directly to Privacy policy and such future changes will supersede the prior version.

Clients and users are encouraged to contact Web Hosting Forest directly if any questions should arise or they need clarification about information collected. Factual errors in such information or removal of details from list under Web Hosting Forest may also be made this way.
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