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 Q: Once I purchase the hosting, when will my account get activated?

 Q: Payment modes accepted by WebHostingForest.com?

 Q: Customer Support Time Operation?

 Q: Which types of hosting do you offer?

 Q: How the DEMO can be viewed?

 Q: How can I change my NAME SERVER to point to WebHostingForest.com?

 Q: How can I upload my website to my hosting?

 Q: How to determine the NAME SERVER changes?

 Q: I already own a domain name and I want to host it. How can I do it?

 Q: Can I transfer my domain to your hosting company?

 Q: I have deleted .htaccess. How can I know that the server name has been changed?

 Q: Order cancellation and money back from Web Hosting Forest ?

 Q: When will I get FTP or CPANEL information, if I've purchased a hosting and got an email for the confirmation of the same?

 Q: What will be the next step after purchasing the hosting?

 Q: Does free hosting comes with FTP and is it feasible to put my ads into it?

 Q: Do I have to pay extra for rvsitebuilder and would I need to use it from your website?

 Q: Do you support support php extension like imagick, zend optimizer, curl, fsockopen, ffmpeg, lame mp3, suPHP, frontpage extension and more?

 Q: Can the hosting be upgraded or downgraded from the existing plan?

 Q: What is the Link to login of email?

 Q: Is Unlimited hosting really unlimited?

 Q: Do you provide Unlimited Bandwidth and Space?

 Q: Can I upload files more than 3 MB?

 Q: Does your hosting support FLV and MP4?

 Q: Does your VPS hosting include a 30 Day money back for any reason ?

 Q: Is phpopen base dir enabled in the server?

 Q: Is SVN, Webdav supported?

 Q: Do you support FFMPEG and LAME MP3?

 Q: 50 POP3 Email, does it mean I use 1 it will deducted 1?

 Q: Do you support RPG base game script?

 Q: eCommerce websites are supported by the network?

 Q: Can I use my own NAMESERVER?

 Q: How many database included in Free Hosting (MYSQL)?

 Q: How to get restoration of data (backup), if it is accidentally deleted?

 Q: I am using too much bandwidth! Is there anyway for me to make it less?

 Q: Can I keep the same domain name, while changing the hosts?

 Q: What is domain parking?

 Q: What are subdomains?

 Q: What is uptime? What is the uptime of WebHostingForest?

 Q: What is the difference between UNIX hosting and Windows hosting?

 Q: Why would I need a dedicated IP?

 Q: What is MySQL, MS SQL etc.?

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